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There are two parts to Red Dragon success – our boats and our people. We are proud of our vessels, all of which combine old-fashioned elegance with modern comfort. In the Mekong Delta, The Jayavarman charms guests with its spacious pool deck, quaint wooden bar and romantic cabins. Inspired by a French colonial cruise liner, The Jahan is equally charming, its staterooms evoking the exotic beauty of Indochine. In Halong Bay, we operate 2 traditional wooden junks – the Red Dragon, the Dragon Pearls and the Prince. The understated Asian elegance of these craft complements the bay’s striking natural beauty. All of our vessels have their own character. But as memorable as our boats are, our cruises stand out because of our people. Within hours of stepping aboard the staff know your name. Attentive yet unobtrusive, they seem to sense your needs before you do. Smart, well-trained and well-informed, First Choice personnel are the heart of our operations. Their care and attention transform holidays into life-changing journeys. Join us on a voyage to remember.

Our team of experts have selected some of the finest bay cruises just for you. Whether you choose to sail on one of our exclusively chartered boats, or on a hand-picked partner fleets, you'll find comfortable accommodation, great facilities and a very warm welcome. Visit website