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Food on our Red Dragon

posted Aug 1, 2015, 5:51 PM by Long Quoc Tran   [ updated May 2, 2018, 6:51 AM ]
Whenever visiting any attraction in any country in the world, most travelers love spending their time exploring and enjoying local cuisines. Halong Bay tourists are probably no exception, and they would definitely be surprised by the exceptional gastronomy of this charming bay. Joining trip with Red Dragon, you will have a chance to enjoy various tasty dishes everyday throughout your trip.
food on Halong bay and bai tu long bay

What kinds of foods you will be served

Normally, there are about 5 to 7 courses each meal. Most of the dishes are frequently made of seafood. Halong Bay is proud for being not only one of New 7 Wonders of Nature of the world, but also one of the most famous destinations for high quality seafood. Thus, the menu on boat is really a dream of every seafood lover. Others courses are for non-seafood eaters with beef teriyaki, pork, beautifully marinated chickenand of course vegetables- all traditional Vietnamese. Our chefs always consider the balance of taste and health through foods.You will know this is totally no ordinary lunch when be served with a delightful cream of pumpkin soup for starter, followed by delicious fried oysters for main course. Then come the fresh seafood and amazing dishes, big juicy prawns, grilled monkfish in a sweet sauce, crispy fresh salad served with sesame seeds and sweet radish dressing, to name a few.

What’s about vegetarian food?

If you have any special diet or any Western foods requirement, our staff will handle it carefully. Especially, if you are looking for a Halong Bay cruise offering vegetarian foods, Red Dragon is simply your perfect choice.
salad food bai tu long bay

Dinning style

Besides, our staffs are well trained with professional serving style. The waiters as well as the waitresses are very happy to prepare an elegant meal for you. Imagine a romantic dinner in a candlelit cave and the tables were prepared with white tablecloths, cutleries, candles, flowers and nice drinks, or a BBQ on a wild beach in the Bay – it is such an unforgettable memory!
dinner bai tu long bay

Our professional chefs create not only high-quality but also extremely aesthetic foods. Every dish is truly an inspirational work of art which is made by skillful hands. You will totally admire them for making such incredible things. How about a lovely boat made from watermelon and pumpkins? How could it be better if your name is written on it? Or a stately dragon made from carrots. Don’t you think he looks amazing?

Red Dragon is so delighted to bring you and your family a time of happiness. To serve our beloved customers better, this summer our new product – the Dragon Legend will be launched. This is a big ship with 24 cabins. Menu on the Dragon Legend is very flexible. You will be able to choose from a la carte meal, a set meal, and buffet. A plenty of Vietnamese traditional foods and international cooking styles appear in luxury restaurant here would satisfy even the pickiest tourist. The foods served on our boat have constantly been highly rated by visitors. Most of them consider the highlight of their trip was foods.

Making her way through its fishing villages, caves, and dramatic shorelines, I explored this corner of Vietnam with a local, luxury cruise.