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Mangrove Forestation

As part of our ecotourism programme for a responsible environment in Halong Bay, our mangrove forestation project was first initiated by Red Dragon Cruise for the purpose of restoring an area of mangrove that has been reduced by the effects of nature and man. 

We are helping to create a living environment for the species to provide abundant marine resources for those living in the fishing villages around Halong Bay.

This is one of the project in “For a green Halong Bay” program, aim to support local people; raise their awareness to protect environment and develop sustainable tourism.

By joining our mangrove forestation tour, visitors have a chance to show their responsibility through practical activities such as planting mangrove trees. A bit of hard work and a lot of fun, join in the activities you never thought you would do in modern life even if you had the time. Join in, and experience a unique experience with us.

3 day 2 night cruise provides another day and night to get further to the bay. Dragon Legend Cruises will offer a continuous cruise during 3 day while some other tour will break the second day and transfer you to a day boat excursion then back to the main boat, you are free to check with operator when make a reservation. In this longer cruise, you normally have longer time for kayaking, plus a BBQ on the beach or trekking in the island (Cat Ba Island) and fishing village…