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Vegettable Garden

Vietnam culture is built on the agricultural civilization. Vietnam's life associated with village. Vietnam traditional village with green bamboo, thatched roof and a plow had become so familiar in the heart of Vietnam.
Like many other villages in Viet Nam, Yen Duc is an agricultural village should not be missing the rice fields. Rice associated with Vietnam especially the farmers. Rice brings not only fulfilled but also the beauty of cultural life. Rice, conical hats, hardworking farmers is indispensable picture of the village in Vietnam now and forever.

Besides the rice fields, the image of a vegetable garden is also sticked with Vietnamese villages. This is an important part of the house in the countryside, provided vegetables and may be improved living environment; creating open space for the house, especially in addition to shows household’s character. In the garden, people plant many kinds of vegetables, herbs ... which is extremely close and practical for the daily life of local people, such as:

Water spinach: A specific vegetable of Yen Duc village. Called by many names as water spinach, water Morning glory is often grown in the tropics and subtropics. Does anybody remember the spinach comes from; it is grown in water or in mud. People often fried with garlic. It is also indispensable dish in the meals of the people of Vietnam. 

So as a sentence going:

Home to his memory
Remembering, morning glory soup and sour egg-plants with soya sauce

Gourd espalier: Its’ image sticked with the Viemam villages. Gourd is used in soup - is delicious and cool in summer. Gourd can be boiled, stir fried with shrimp or beef; cooked soup with shrimp, crab or mussels. All these simple went into the poetry and becoming a memory of all people:

Shrimp cooked with gourd
The couples (the husband & the wife) give good compliment

Moreover, in sense of Vietnam, gourd espalier is also a symbol of the faithful, happiness in each family.
Corn: Corn is one of the main crops of Vietnam. It is used for soup, sticky corn, pop-corn… or can be used in processing food for livestock and poultry.